2023 Cairns 10 Preview

Fast Racing Expected at Cairns 10

Runners this Sunday at Cairns 10 are facing hot conditions on a fast and flat track. And there will be heat in the racing itself with some super fast local runners lining up for this year's Cairns 10. Who do we think you should be watching out for?


With the 2022 Cairns 10 champion, and first place overall, Ella Appleby not lining up in 2023, it leaves the possible female podium well open! But the likely favourite to take out this year's Cairns 10 has got to be the 2022 runner up Isabella Dix. The young runner is a local gun and well capable of running in the low 40's for 10k. She will be hard to beat.

Then it is a spread field with many possible chances for the podium. Kellie Ball was 7th in last year's Cairns 10, Kira James is consistent over the 10k distance and Cathelijne Klomp is a chance too. Add to the mix Charline Scherer, Jessica Topp and Claudia Galea and we have still barely scratched the surface of who we might see battling out for the major positions on Sunday.


Unlike in the female event, the 2022 Cairns 10 champion Andrew Lamond will be lining up in 2023 chasing the first sub 40 on the Cairns 10 course. Training has looked consistent and we are sure Andrew will be there and there abouts when the whips are cracking. But there is plenty of competition.

The favourite to take out the 10k is young Cairns runner Cooper Glass. In 2022, Cooper broke the 40 minute 10k barrier, and then matched it with some of Cairns' best runners finishing 5th in Copperlode Cup. Cooper will be hard to beat!

Then there is a big field of runners who will be on their tail. Ben Richardson is looking in good form with a solid Cairns ParkRun in recent weeks. And local runner Alistair Milliken will surely put up a fight. Add in the likes of Brayden Huey, Mark Stubbs and a whole list of runners from Cairns and further afield, spots on the podium are up for grabs!


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