Where will the Cairns 50 Aid Stations Be?

Cairns 50 and 30: 3 x Aid Stations each lap (Goomboora Park, The Rocks, Mary Parker Drive)

Cairns 10: 1 x Aid Station each lap (Goomboora Park)

Family 5, Kids 1 & 2: 1 x Aid Station each lap

Check out the course maps for a visual of where the aid stations will be 

What will be available at the Aid Stations?


Electrolyte Drink - In 2024, Cairns 50 will be using SFuels Race+ Fruit Punch at aid stations (available all aid stations)
(only available at "The Rocks" and "Mary Parker Drive" Aid Stations)
Fruit - bananas and watermelon
Potato Chips 
(only available at "The Rocks" and "Mary Parker Drive" Aid Stations)


Cupless Aid Stations

Again in 2024, Cairns 50 is striving to be a minimum environmental footprint event and part of this endeavour is providing "cupless" aid stations.

In 2024, our aid stations will use a range of strategies to minimise our impact while also providing a positive and safe experience for all participants. These strategies include;

  • UltraSpout Fluid Dispensers: In 2024, Cairns 50 will use UltraSpout's at aid stations to enable quick refilling of water canisters. This will enable runners to quickly refill without the waste of cups and without losing any time. See the UltraSpout in action HERE

  • Collapsible Cups: Cairns 50 will provide a custom Cairns 50 collapsible cup to all 50k, 30k and 10k participants.

  • Vegware Compostable Cups: In 2024, Cairns 50 will use a small number of cups at aid stations for use when needed. All cups used are made from plant material and are, therefore, fully compostable. Cups will be pre-filled at aid stations for quick ease of use


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