Devicca Embahe

Devicca is a Cairns local and has been all her life. He running journey began when she hit rock bottom in life with many challenges stopping her from living what she thought of as a healthy lifestyle.

She bought some running shoes and began running to support a friend during their Indigenous Marathon Project journey 8 years ago and now is a great lover of not just running, but the marathon distance in particular.

Devicca is a stalwart in the local running community, coaching with the Cairns Deadly Runners and supporting local events, all while balancing life as a single mother of 3 teenagers!

Andrew Lamond

Andrew is another Cairns local who inspires his local community and larger running community with his running vlog on YouTube. He is also a key member of Cairns Athletics, a educational leader and a father to two boys. A runner since he was very young, most recently you can hear snippets of his Sydney Marathon build on the "For The Kudos" podcast.

To balance training with life, Andrew runs to and from work most days and runs with the pram to squeeze in the training. Running is his "third space" between work and home and helps him to be a better Dad and family man.

Kelly Priddey

Born and raised in Cairns, Kelly is new to running, only taking up the sport in January of 2022 - but what a journey it has been already! Coming from a crossfit background, she decided she was mentally and physically strong enough to tackle a 70.3, which she did at Cairns 70.3 in 2022.

Come June 2023, she was back again, this time lining up for the full Ironman, eventually crossing the line to hear Pete Murray call "You Are An Ironman"!

For Kelly, fitting running around life means early starts at 4am to fit training in before work, but she is a strong believer that ‘if you want something bad enough, you will always make the time’.

Samantha Gallagher

All the way from Melbourne, Samantha is an experienced triathlete having completed three 70.3's and one full Ironman. But Cairns 50 will be her first Ultramarathon!

Working full time as Head of Communications for a Medical Technology company means squeezing training around work can be difficult, but when she commits herself, she is able to find the time to get it all in. 

The heat is sure to be a challenge for Samantha coming from Victoria, but she is excited about getting amongst the people of Cairns for Cairns 50 in 2024!


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