Cairns 10 - Race Preview

With the biggest field of all the Cairns 50 events, the 10k is also likely to be highly competitive. Even over 10k, the heat will play a role with the 7:30am start and it will be a battle of not just speed, but also attrition. Who should you keep an eye out for this weekend?


Ella Appleby
A win at last weekend's Cairns Road Runners Copperlode Cup has shown that Ella is not just fast, but also strong! A veteran of 186 Parkruns with a Parkrun PB of 19:19 and a 19:34 5k at Cairns Parkrun in February, Ella is very likely to be at the pointy end of the race. And that includes showing the boys how to run fast!!

Isabella Dix
With a Parkun PB of 19:04 and consistently hitting the 20 minutes mark over 5k, Isabella is definitely one to watch this Sunday. Isabella is a regular on the FNQ running scene and will no doubt give the 10k podium a solid shake.

Alisia Bean

Mum and runner Alisia Bean will be out there on Sunday morning to show the younger women how it is done! A Cairns Parkrun PB of 20:55 and breaking 22 minutes for 5k on multiple occasions puts her well within reach of the women's 10k podium. Don't rule her out!

Sarah Hession
If her 2021 Cairns Marathon is anything to go by, you can certainly expect Sarah Hession to be in amongst it this weekend. A sub 50 minute 10k at that race puts her well and truly in the mix for this Sunday. Sarah is an experiences runner and no doubt will fight it out with the other strong females in the 10k

Kellie Ball
With a sub 23 minute Parkrun PB and a 23:01 Cairns Parkrun this February, Kellie has the potential to be at the front of the 10k this weekend. Keep an eye out because in this heat, she could definitely throw a spanner in the works for the other top females.


Archie Reid

The kid is fast!! One of a long line of successful runners out of Jill Boltz Pace Project Crew, Archie has shown his speed over short distances. In the 2k at the 2021 Cairns Marathon, Archie ran a blistering 7:01...thats 3:30/km!! The only question - what can he sustain over the 10k distance?

Andrew Lamond
Can he finally crack that sub 40 minute barrier? He certainly has the pace and has run sub 20 over the 5k distance, but the big goal for Andrew Lamond in the first half of 2022 is that mystical sub 40. If he does, we will be sure to hear about it on his Youtube Channel!!

Finlay Fox
The young pace project runner is sure to put up a fight on Sunday if he can pace himself over the 10k. Finlay knocked out a solid 23:04 Parkrun on the Glenoma course in February and is getting faster and stronger. Apparently he's even fitting in to his father's shoes now, so surely that means more speed right? Keep an eye out for Finlay because he is likely to be gunning for that podium!

Michael Wild
He might have a few years on some of these young whipper snappers, but Michael Wild knows how to run a solid 10k. The Cairns local pretty well never misses a FNQ run event and lines up at Cairns 10 with every chance of landing on the podium. A 46:58 at the 2021 Cairns Marathon 10k shows what he is capable of.

Connor Jones & Alex Salt

A bit of an unknown with these two, but rumour has it they have been training super hard and are ready to smash out their fastest 10k this weekend. With the testosterone pumping, a big crowd and running for a good cause, who knows what these two could do. Definitely watch out - they could give this race a big shake!


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